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It’s real!

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

It’s real!

Finally, after years of procrastination, I have books up on Amazon. People are actually liking them.

I’m pitching agents and editors. And said agents and editors are actually requesting material from me.

I’m even writing a blog. That’s this thing you’re reading right now, but I can’t tell whether you actually like it.

Why now? you ask. There’s nothing that says I couldn’t have continued to procrastinate my writing life away.

Because I learned recently that my mum kept my first book, written when I was in grade school on lined paper and illustrated with crayon drawings. I found it among her effects.

It’s the least I can do. For her. And for me.

Please stop by again. I’d like to hear from you, whatever the writing issues that are on your mind.

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